Adobe Will Provide a “Freemium” Version of PhotoShop in Browsers

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Adobe is a well-known software provider in the world of digital creativity. PhotoShop, AfterEffects, and Premiere are only some of their unique software that has aided millions of people in crafting something extraordinary out of nothing. With their determination to push their brand to people unfamiliar with their service, Adobe is currently experimenting with a freemium version of PhotoShop that can be accessed through any desktop browser.

Only those residing in Canada can try the freemium version of Adobe PhotoShop by using a free Adobe account. While it is introduced as a freemium service, Adobe will still find ways to monetize PhotoShop, mainly by adding a paywall to several features.

Freemium version to keep the core functionalities

Still, Adobe thinks that the primary and free version of this upcoming PhotoShop will be significant since they will keep the core functionalities free to help people with their tasks without overpaying for a subscription.

Adobe’s Maria Yap said that they want their products to teach more people. And to experience how it feels to use a powerful tool, starting with their own PhotoShop.

It’s not the first time that Adobe has entered the browser market since last year. They were able to ship a PhotoShop web version that allows subscribers to use the software’s tools without downloading the whole application. Still, it isn’t on par with the real thing, and most creatives only use this version to collaborate with people since it’s much faster and easier to do it this way.

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Over the course of a couple of months, Adobe made improvements with their PhotoShop web version and exceeded it to be more than just a tool for people to use for collaborative purposes. Back then, you still needed to open the software to send it to the web version, but Adobe made it much easier for people to start a collaborative project through the web version.

We have seen Adobe using this marketing move in a couple of ways, and one commendable thing is their transition in the mobile market. Even if the versions of their software differ from one platform to another, the quality is still there, and it has effectively converted free users to paying ones.

Free PhotoShop to benefit especially students

With this PhotoShop freemium version, many people will benefit, especially students struggling to land a subscription to all of Adobe’s software. This way, even if they still don’t have access, they can produce competent outputs and practice as much as they want.

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Aside from that, a web version of the PhotoShop isn’t also memory and CPU intensive. Those that are having a hard time using the PhotoShop software because of their rig and device restrictions will now have an alternative if things go south.

So far, Adobe has been quiet with launching its freemium version of PhotoShop. Still, knowing them, it won’t take that long since they are also doing a lot of updates constantly, most notably, the ability to use the web version of PhotoShop on a mobile device, but only when viewing and commenting on projects.

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