Air Canada Revoked Employee’s Privileges After Daughter Complained

  • Air Canada revoked an employee’s flying privileges after her daughter complained.
  • The woman was upset that her mother was being punished for an issue between her and Air Canada.
  • The airline said the employee broke its code by allowing a family member to file a grievance.

Air Canada revoked an employee’s flying privileges after her daughter complained about her treatment trying to board a flight.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, told Insider that she filed a complaint with the airline after what she deemed to be poor customer service by gate staff. She had bought a ticket using flying privileges given to her by her mother.

The woman emailed senior officials at the airline and copied in media outlets, which appeared to prompt the airline to retaliate by revoking her mother’s flying privileges for two years.

An email sent to the employee suggested her daughter had misrepresented herself as a revenue-generating customer.

Her 62-year-old mother, who is an administrator, also was then regulated by the airline and issued with the same punishment.

An email seen by Insider shows a senior official telling the employee that she would not be allowed to fly standby for two years.

“I had a really like sickening feeling when my mother told me what they did to her,” the woman said. “It’s one thing for me to be reprimanded, but it’s totally different for my actions impacting my mom.”

Stand-by tickets allow airline employees to fly anywhere for a fraction of the normal cost and are one attraction of working for a long-established carrier such as Air Canada.

The woman told Insider that stand-by privileges were the main reason her mother, who is close to retirement, took the job. She is now worried she will lose her job if the situation escalates.

The woman said her mother went to her union, but was told there was nothing they could do, and suggested she apologize to try to reduce her penalty.

In a statement to Insider, Air Canada said: “We deal with our employees directly on internal matters. However, we can confirm employee travel is a special privilege and a unique and generous perk of working for an airline that comes with responsibilities which the overwhelming majority of employees and families understand and value.

“We take feedback about our services seriously. In fact, we undertook an investigation into the complaint lodged, and subsequently found facts which did not align with what was presented.” The airline did not elaborate further.

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