Alberta MLA Leela Aheer jumps in after participant flipped in running of the bulls event

For Alberta MLA Leela Aheer, jumping in to save a trampled rodeo-goer from a rampaging bull on Saturday came down to maternal instincts.

“I literally didn’t think about it. It’s a mom thing, I guess,” said the United Conservative Party leadership Monday.

“I just jumped in front of the bull and tried to distract him.”

The incident took place during the running of the bulls event at the Strathmore Stampede. The event has been a tradition since 2003.

On Saturday, a male participant was charged and flipped over by a bull. The animal then pressed toward the man on the ground, at which point Aheer leapt the fence to help.

The incident was captured on video and posted to social media.

WATCH | MLA Leela Aheer, seen wearing a white cowboy hat, red shirt and jeans, jumps in to help after a man was violently hit and flipped during a running of the bulls event:

MLA Leela Aheer jumps in after man trampled by bull

On Saturday, one participant in the running of the bulls event at the Strathmore Stampede was charged and flipped over by a bull, at which point MLA Leela Aheer jumped over the fence to help.

Aheer said she was afraid for the young man’s life and that jumping the fence happened in slow motion. She can be seen on the video trying to push the bull.

“It was like trying to push a car,” she said.

Soon, others joined in and Aheer was able to help the man to safety over the fence.

“He had a lot of scratches and scrapes. But he’s a farm kid, and he scooched under the bull so he wasn’t able to be gored,” she said.

“There were no penetration from the horns, and he was actually at the cabaret that night. And the bull is okay too.”

Aheer said she grew up in rural Alberta and spent a lot of time on farms, but this was her first encounter with an angry bull.

Aheer is currently running for the leadership of the UCP, having announced her campaign in early June.

She represents the riding of Chestermere-Strathmore and was first elected in 2015.

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