Amber Heard’s friend exposes close ties of Johnny Depp’s lawyer with expert witness

Amber Heard’s pal journalist Eve Barlow accused Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez of foul play during the liebel trial as she pointed out close bond of the attorney with an expert witness.

Taking to Twitter, Barlow shared a picture of Vasquez posing with a group of women on her birthday, disclosing that one of the ladies in the photo is Dr Shannon Curry.

Curry, who is a psychologist, appeared as an expert witness during the trial and testified that the Aquaman star suffers from borderline personality disorder.

“Why is the doctor who did Amber Heard’s Independent Medical Examination and appeared as an expert witness on the stand also best friends with Depp’s legal counsel Camille Vasquez?” Barlow captioned the snap.

The journalist then retweeted another social media post having the same picture, “I guess this is how you get a Dr. to diagnose Amber with whatever #DARVODepp paid for: Get his lawyer’s bestie, a non-board certified psychologist with no ties to ethical guidelines, and plan her diagnose over drinks.”

Another tweet of Barlow read, “Depp to lawyer Camille Vasquez: ‘Hey you know how you have that mate who can pretend to be a psychologist? If we have her over for dinner do you think she’ll agree to make up that my ex -wife has Borderline Personality Disorder?”

During the libel trial, Curry told the court that Heard’s personality disorder caused her to “take on the identity of the people they are spending time with because it’s comforting.”

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