Apple Watch saves life of woman trapped in river: Report

In yet another incident of Apple Watch coming to the rescue of wearers, the gadget has reportedly saved the life of a woman who got trapped in the cold waters of a river.
The incident took place in Dallas, Oregon. A woman, while swimming in the Columbia river, got her foot stuck in the rocks and was unable to free herself. The river water is reported to have a temperature of 56 degrees. When she was unable to extricate her foot from the rocks, she put out an emergency call for help through her Apple Watch, as per a report by 9To5Google, based on the police report. An SOS call can be made via the Apple Watch by holding the side button for a few seconds, which is what the woman did.
First responders reached the location and tried to rescue her by dropping a ladder in the waters. They also tried to remove the rocks that had got the woman’s foot trapped but were unsuccessful, says the report.
As per the police report, the woman was caught in the river for about 30 minutes and was on the brink of exhaustion and also showed signs of hypothermia when she was rescued.
The Dallas Police Department report reads: “Officer Reams assessed the scene and determined that the rescue of the swimmer needed to be immediate, and that he would be able to aid in the rescue only by entering the water to feel how the entrapment was occurring, since the water was too murky and fast to allow any visible inspection from above.”
“Officer Reams reached under the water and was just able to reach the swimmer’s foot. Only Officer Reams’ head was not submerged. Officer Reams was able to free the swimmer’s stuck foot and bring her to shore and the care of the fire fighters.”


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