Ascent Devs Celebrate the First Anniversary by introducing new content to the market

The leap may bring out new content soon.

The Ascent commemorates its first anniversary. To make the celebration a little more interesting, developer Neon Giant decided to tease fans of the possibility that new content will be released.

We mark the anniversary of our first year! devs wrote on social media. Thank you to our awesome community for helping us out with us and supporting us in our game.

Neon Giant accompanied the celebration as a video video that only lasts 10 seconds. Basically, it was a video of what fans might expect from the franchise in the near future. Even though fans like to keep the expectations in check, especially since devs did not reveal much in the teasing post. They only told the gaming public that they should make a new contract.

At present, no information about this new contract will be found. Everyone will have to wait for instructions further. However, it didn’t stop fans from getting excited. After all, players embraced the game’s incredible visual design, fun encounters and strict gunplay.

The Ascent had many, if not all the gaming publics favorite movie games. The whole picture’s got a look at the best and powerful shooting mechanics, a treasuretrove of customization and loot options, and an interesting cyberpunk aesthetic. The only issue that many players have in this game is that it has never ended very suddenly. The devs were very silent about how the future is about.

In March even the Co-Founder Arcade Berg kept his cards so close to his chest whenever he popped up for The Ascent. Yet, he gave confirmation that the team has always been exploring what could be done with The Ascent. Be careful, Berg said.

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