Charles Barkley mocks “Civil Rights in the USA” as he defends the $620 billion Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf

Charles Barkley’s outspoken nature has landed him in trouble more than once, will history repeat itself as he speaks for Saudi Arabia?

A personality of Charles Barkley’s caliber is rare to find. His unabashed nature makes for entertaining TV segments. You never know what you’re gonna get with him.

Naturally, such a polarizing aura behind a screen is covered by everyone. In fact, the Inside the NBA crew is perhaps the most loved sports segment on TV.

There is absolutely every reason for a new league backed by billionaire owners to want to sway someone of Barkley’s caliber. His name itself carries enough appeal.

LIV Golf is the latest to put down the gauntlet against the PGA. They have swayed a fair few golfers to join their side of the camp and they are taking a swing at Charles Barkley.

They have reportedly put a $75 million offer on the table. Barkley is looking ever closer to accepting that deal. His latest comments defending the Saudi Arabia group, all but confirm his interest.

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Charles Barkley urges Americans to look at civil rights in America before looking at Saudi Arabia!

A bold statement from Charles here. The fact that he has asked Americans to look at civil rights before commenting on the atrocities committed by Saudi Arabia seems like something only he could say.

To be fair to him, he does have a point. The rising tension in the United States is something of concern. The BLM movement has been steadily rising for the last decade or two and reached its peak in 2020.

The recent overturn of the Roe V Wade case also highlights the fact that certain civil liberties are being taken away. Not to mention, there is the ever-increasing problem of mass shootings in schools. Gun laws need a reprimand.

Barkley talked about his potential association with LIV Golf on Dan Patrick’s show. He had some bold remarks about the ongoing situation and people chiming in.

“Everybody picks and chooses. I just think it’s funny they’re more worried about civil rights in Saudi Arabia, a place 99.9 percent of people in the United States have never been and all of a sudden they’re worried about civil rights in Saudi Arabia. That kind of gives me a chuckle. I say you don’t worry about civil rights of people here in the United States. But all of a sudden when guys start taking (the) money you’re like ‘I’m more worried about civil rights in Saudi Arabia.’ And that just makes me laugh. … Why don’t y’all worry about civil rights here in the United States, let’s worry about that before we worry about what’s going on in Saudi Arabia?”

Is Barkley on the right side?

While Saudi Arabia still has a long way to go before establishing itself as a country with human rights, Barkley does have a point.

The Phoenix Suns legend pointed out that civil liberties in the USA should be the first thing Americans look at before pointing fingers and they should. As a country that proclaims to be the vanguard of freedom, they sure have some problems.

As for Charles, we know he is going for the money. There is no two ways about it, nobody is going to leave $75 million on the table.

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