Daniel Carcillo says Hockey Canada testimony didn’t acknowledge hazing, abuse in CHL

Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo is angry about the testimony of Canadian hockey officials at a parliamentary hearing looking into the of recent assault ali.

Carcillo filed a statement of claim with the Ontario Superior Court in 2020, alleging abuse and hazing in a class-action lawsuit.

“I have shared my stories of abuse as a child playing in this league, as have dozens of others,” Carcillo state in a statement on Wednesday. “I lead this class action on behalf of scores of children and young people who were abused while playing in the CHL, just like my teammates and I were.”

Carcillo, played in the Ontario Hockey League from 2002, was angry with the testimony given by Dan MacKenzie, David Branch, Gilles Courteau and Ron Robison, the “leaders of junior hockey in Canada,” at the hearing.

“These individuals used their appearances before that committee as an opportunity to litigate my class action in public, in circumstances where I lacked any opportunity to respond,” wrote Carcillo.

“Their testimony today denied the existence of systemic and ongoing problems in junior hockey. I disagree.”

Carcillo said he believes there is a culture of hazing and abuse in the CHL, and there has long been system-wide knowledge of the culture.

“Systemic failures continue to occur in protecting the children and young people who play in the CHL,” he said.

Carcillo said he looks forward to proving as much in court, beginning with his certification hearing for his class action suit in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in November.

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