DJ Khaled Says This Toronto Restaurant Is One Of The Best He’s Ever Been To In His Life

DJ Khaled has been all over Toronto this past weekend and he visited Drake’s favorite Toronto restaurant.

The famous DJ posted a video of him dining at Sotto Sotto in Yorkville last night, and he couldn’t help but gush over the Italian cuisine and even asked if he could hug the chef.

“Sotto Sotto, this is the best shrimp I ever ate in my life,” said DJ Khaled in the video as he squeezed lemon onto his plate.

As he came down to his last shrimp, he asked the waiter if he could please get more of the “truly unbelievable” dish before deciding he needed to hug the chef that had prepared his meal.

“This is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to in my life,” he said. “After I’m done, could I please hug the chef?”

DJ Khaled tried the Pennette Via Frattina, which sells for $26.95, and the Fettuccine Alla Bolognese Di Mamma Laura, which sells for $27.95, in addition to a creamy dessert and shrimp he showed off on his Instagram.

Sotto Sotto isn’t just near and dear to him, though. Drake has raved about the Toronto gem on multiple occasions, and several other A-list celebs like Oprah and Jay-Z have paid the spot a visit and even taken photos with the owner.

DJ Khaled has been living it up in Toronto, from surprising fans at a Pedal & Pub to asking his driver for a Jamaican food recommendation and ending up at Pat’s Homestyle Jamaican restaurant.

From his Instagram, it seems the popular DJ is keen on exploring the 6ix, so Torontonians may have a chance to spot him before he’s gone.

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