Endzone A World Apart Distant Places DLC Available For PS5 & XSX

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and inhouse developer Gentlymad Studios announce that the Distant Places DLC from End Zone A world apart Available for PS5 and Xbox Series X. A trailer introduces the expansion in more detail.

In the end time building game End Zone A world apart few people were able to flee to underground facilities after a nuclear disaster: the socalled ‘end zones’. 150 years later, humanity has resurfaced and faces an extremely hostile environment with radioactive radiation, droughts, sandstorms, scarce water resources, or even looters to ensure the survival of the settlers!

End Zone A world apart enjoys great international popularity and is highly acclaimed by the media around the world. currently has End zone over 5,500 positive reviews on Steam. Due to the complexity of the game, the deep game mechanics and the complex weather and environment simulations End zone like with titles like banned, survive mars, frostpunk and Surviving the aftermath compared. was also End Zone A world apart Nominated for several awards, such as “Best German Game” at the German Computer Game Award 2022, one of the most important awards for the German games industry.

End Zone A world apart Focuses on a global, civilizational problem of our time, namely climate change. In addition to climate change, which is embodied in the game by heavy rainfall or periods of drought and directly addressed, a possible nuclear disaster is also an important aspect of the game. All game elements are fully and dynamically simulated, meaning that individual cells of the playing surface or playable map can dry out, radiate and change continuously depending on the weather conditions. End Zone A world apart creates remarkable complexity and dynamics in realtime simulation in the context of the construction strategy game genre.

End Zone A world apart released on May 19 for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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