FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER Star Wyatt Russell Reacts To Recent THUNDERBOLTS Movie News

At the end of The Falcon and The Winter SoldierJohn Walker became US Agent, but we will see him in Thunderbolts? Here’s what actor Wyatt Russell had to say about the news during a recent interview.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier brought John Walker into the MCU as the new Captain America, but he didn’t last long. Without the Super Soldier Serum coursing through his veins, John quickly realised he was no Steve Rogers, and a combination of the Serum and PTSD proved to be disastrous for the veteran.

By the time all was said and done, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine recruited the former Captain America as her US Agent. With that, the stage has now been set for John to lead the Thunderbolts into battle.

Jake Schreier is directing an upcoming Thunderbolts movie, and when The Playlist caught up with actor Wyatt Russell, they asked if he’s been approached about the project yet. “No, I really didn’t know,” he said of the announcement. “You know the idea. Right? I’m not a moron. I mean, I know what they’re thinking of, but you don’t know when they’re going to do it [or] if they’re going to do it.”

“[It] was 2019 we started shooting, so that’s like three years ago I played this character. It came out a year later or whatever, but it’s a long time. You’re kind of, ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ in a weird way. You know, you’re doing other things and living your life, and so it’s like, ‘Oh, what, who…what’s the character again? Like, I don’t even know how to do it again.””

It sure sounds like he knows something, right? Russell is protesting a little too much for our liking, and after making it clear that he is interested in reprising the role, the actor revealed whether he’s actually been called to start prepping to play US Agent again.

“No, I’m just waiting on it. You wait on it until, like, they announce it,” he claimed. “They keep it really, really tight, and it’s like, you respect that because they’ve got other bottom lines to look out for than what they think I need to know.”

Walker proved to be a fascinating character to spend time with in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and there are clearly more stories to tell with the hero. Some might call him a villain, but US Agent is complicated, to say the least, and the perfect person for Val to manipulate into leading her twisted team of Thunderbolts.

We’ll see what happens next, but if we had to risk a guess about John’s next appearance (prior to Thunderbolts), then it will probably be in the upcoming Captain America 4.


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