Garmin’s latest firmware update brings health monitoring improvements and more

• Newly added sports activities: Horseback Riding, Fishing, Jump Rope (requires download via Connect IQ)

• Added Green Contours support to golf. With your active Garmin Golf™ app membership, you can plan your best approach shot and sink your putt with green contour data

• Added Acclimation, Pace, Detailed Speed, Bouldering Metrics, Strength Metrics, and Indoor Climbing Metrics to post activity summary UI

• Updated Up Ahead feature to support imported GPX file

• Added Run/ Walk/ Idle detection to the activity summary page for running activity

• Added Goal Streak tracking to Steps widget. allow goal streaks for steps to sync between device and Garmin Connect

• Fitness Age display added to User Profile settings

• Added new watch face data field types: 3-item data fields, sunrise/sunset, calories, alternate time zones, Body Battery, steps

• Added Enhanced Strength functionality, which includes an improved workout preview with a muscle map, improved user interface in free and workout modes, and improvements to the Rep and Weight editing experience

• Added backlight keys settings adjustment using touchscreen or button controls

• Improvements made to on-device sleep detection and sleep staging, including a new combined Restlessness score and graph

• Added Streak display to Steps widget

• Added ability to toggle smart notifications in notifications and alerts menu

• Improved ability to modify settings in Garmin Connect mobile app

• Updated language translations and bug fixes


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