Genshin Impact Releases Gameplay Trailer for Yaoyao

Genshin Impact’s newest Character Demo trailer introduces players to upcoming four-star Dendro character, Yaoyao, showing off her gameplay.

Genshin Impact‘s newest trailer in the lead-up to the game’s Version 3.4 update introduces players to Yaoyao, showing off the Dendro polearm character’s gameplay and personality. The next update for the HoYoVerse RPG is set to place a heavy focus on the Liyue region as it features the return of the annual “Lantern Rite” event. Alongside Version 3.4’s new expansion to the Sumeru region’s desert and updates to Genius Invokation TCG, the coming update will allow players to obtain a free four-star character hailing from Liyue. One of these options comes as the game’s newest Dendro character, Yaoyao.


Yaoyao’s addition to Genshin Impact It has been heavily rumored for over a year with the character often appearing in various leaks and official artwork. Yaoyao has been mentioned throughout voicelines for several characters already featured to the RPG, introducing her as Xiangling’s former apprentice and Ganyu’s assistant. Yaoyao’s in-game model has also been leaked frequently throughout its development with some of the earliest examples coming over a year ago. Now, with Yaoyao’s release less than two days away, HoYoVerse is showing off its gameplay with a new trailer.

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The newest Character Demo trailer for Genshin Impact, titled “Yaoyao: Purity of the Blossoming Osmanthus,” gives players their first look at how the newest Dendro character will play. Yaoyao will become the first short-model polearm character in Yaoyao Genshin Impact With her Elemental Skill summoning her partner, Yuegui, to deal Dendro damage to enemies over time. Yaoyao’s Elemental Burst deals Dendro damage to enemies around her and changes Yuegui’s effects, with the “White Jade Radishes” generated by Yaoyao’s Skill now healing allies as well. Yaoyao’s Burst also increases the players’ movement speed and Dendro resistance.

While Yaoyao did not receive a Character Teaser like Genshin Impacts five-star characters, her demo briefly introduced elements of the character’s backstory. Yaoyao has a close relationship with Liyue’s adepti, referring to them as “Auntie Cloud Retainer” and “Uncle Mountain Shaper” as well as briefly showing Madame Ping. Yaoyao makes reference to the abundance of adepti found throughout Liyue, with some playable characters including Xiao and Yanfei also being adepti.

Yaoyao’s addition to Genshin Impact It comes as part of a jam-packed update for the RPG with plenty of new content for players to dive into. Alongside the previously-mentioned Lantern Rite and expansion to Sumeru’s desert, Genshin Impact‘s newest five-star character, Alhaitham, will be receiving his own Story Quest. The update will also feature the newest set of skins added to Genshin Impact, with Ayaka and Lisa receiving new skins. Version 3.4 looks to be a busy update for Genshin Impact players with new characters, new areas, and the return of a fan-favorite event.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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