Gigabyte DDR5 memory has been overclocked to 11136 MT/s

HiCookie overclocks memory DDR5-11136 specs

Renowned Taiwanese overclocker has been working tirelessly to achieve a world record with DDR5 memory overclocking.

His latest attempt involved Intel’s desktop Core i9-13900K processor, AORUS flagship Z790 Tachyon motherboard for extreme overclocking and Gigabyte’s own DDR5 memory.

DDR5 memory overclocking, Source: HiCookie

The memory that was used for this overclocking attempt is the same memory that the company teased 2 months ago with speeds reaching as high as 9300 MT/s. As it turns out, with timing adjusted to 64-127-127-127-127, HiCookie was able to overclock the memory to 5567.5 MHz (11136 MT/s).

What is important to note is that this memory overclock was achieved on air, but the CPU was indeed using exotic LN2 cooling. With such a frequency, HiCookie scored the first place in the HWBOT memory frequency ranking, breaking the previous record of 5564MHz.

DDR5 memory overclocking, Source: HiCookie

The company is not selling this AORUS DDR5 memory kit yet. In fact, none of the DDR5 kits currently on sale look like the memory shown in the overclocking video. That said, HiCookie is either using a preproduction memory or a custom heatsink was used.

[Hi Cookie] 103.1 test2 (398 views)

With such frequencies, the DDR5 memory is slowly reaching the desired maximum of 12600 MT/s, but at the current pace this will take another year if not longer before we start seeing 10000 MT/s kits in stores.

Source: HWBOT via Wccftech

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