King Charles throws Prince Harry out of his heart for good?

King Charles III seems devastated as he has unwillingly expelled his younger son Prince Harry from his heart after the Duke’s persistent attacks against him and the royal family.

The Britain’s new monarch has been advised by some of the royal experts and historians to cut ties with the Duke of Sussex as Harry does not seem to stop attacking the royals even after all the criticism he has faced for his tricks.

However, few still want the Duke to return to his royal fold for the sack of his and Meghan’s children Archie and Lilbet. And some of Harry’s well-wishers have even designed a roadmap for his return to the Firm.

In conversation with Express UK, Edward Coram-James, the Chief Executive at GoUp, claims that in order to “revive his reputation”, the Duke of Sussex will need to work on a few areas within his life to gain back the trust from the Royal Family and the British public.

The expert said: “He can restore his reputation, but this will take time.” He added that he believes this will take at least three [to] four years”.

The chief executive said that a “low profile” and a “lack of controversy” would be needed in order to restore his reputation. He added that the 38-year-old could combine these with a “diligent focus” on various areas that the Duke is known for. This could include “championing wounded veterans, veterans’ rights, women’s rights, the rights of marginalized groups and communities and the environment.”

However, some think that Meghan Markle’s hubby is disgracing himself by attacking his royal elders. An insider claims that King Charles and the royal family would never give the Duke the same respect after his bombshells.

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