Leaked Hyenas gameplay footage looks remarkable

It has been difficult for game developers to keep details of their upcoming games under wraps. Some games may have features or impressions leaked to the press while others have extensive video footage shared on the web.

Gameplay footage from the new SEGA title has been leaked to social media.

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Leaked Hyenas gameplay footage looks remarkable

Unfortunately for SEGA and Creative Assembly, their new game, Hyenas, has experienced the latter. The leaked video gives us a ton of information about the upcoming shooter from the game design to the shooting mechanics.

The game was revealed in an IGN stream last June 28 and critics have called it a disappointment. There was no actual gameplay footage shown in the announcement of the game which is kind of baffling considering they already have material to work with based on the leaked footage.

Thanks to the leaks, we now get to have a glimpse of the actual game itself.

Early gameplay

Hyenas is a competitive shooter where five teams of three players are pitted against each other to obtain relics from the 20th century. Items like Sony Walkmans, Nintendos, and Pez dispensers. The team that gathers the most relics wins the match.

In the majority of the video, the player is seen moving around the map and opening vaults that contain the loot. The player must then defend their stash from other teams who want to steal it.

The video also showcases the traversal mechanics of the game such as the crouch slide similar to the Call of Duty games. There is also a part of the video that shows the player flying from one point of the room to another.

The shooting mechanics look to be similar to other FPS games. The video also showcases some of the gadgets or tools a player can use to aid them during gunfights like drones and grenades.

Overall, the gameplay looks solid considering it is in early alpha. The developers may need to put in some work to the voice acting and dialogue though.

The source

Hyenas is a retro-themed first-person shooter.

The video of the leak was posted on Youtube by Glith3r. The user claims to be one of the few who have received an early copy of the game for testing.

Players who join a game’s alpha test normally sign a non-disclosure agreement. Glith3r has undoubtedly disregarded this by sharing the footage on his channel.

Developers keep most of the details from the alpha testing stage under wraps as it might affect the hype around the game in a negative way. Certain gameplay elements present during the alpha might not make it to the final version of the game.

The video leak is now unavailable on Youtube, but, before it was taken down, other gamers managed to download it. The footage has since been reuploaded to other video-sharing sites and links can be found on Reddit.

The gameplay footage for Hyenas, while in its early alpha stage, gives gamers an idea of ​​what is in store for the new shooter. There will be a lot of changes to the final game based on feedback from alpha testing.

We still do not have a release date for Hyenas. It would be safe to assume from the leaked footage that we are a long way from the launch of the game.

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