Logitech new Aurora PC gear line is a pastel lover’s dream

Logitech’s newest collection is absolutely gorgeous and super adorable. Called the Aurora Collection, it includes the G735 wireless gaming headset, the G715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards, the G705 wireless gaming mouse, and various accessories — all in soft pastel pinks, whites, blues, and greens. There are also two Blue Yeti microphones available, in Pink Dawn and White Mist color schemes.

But most importantly — there’s a wrist pad shaped like a cloud! Aah! The perfect addition to any cute and cozy gaming set-up.

pastel-colored pink and white accessories, featuring a white mic, a white keyboard with pink accents, and a cloud-shaped wristpad

Computer, enhance!
Image: Logitech

The Aurora Collection was designed to be gender inclusive — while it was definitely tailored to the needs and wants of women (taking into account smaller hands, earrings, long hair, and other traditionally feminine features), it’s also supposed to be appealing to anyone who wants a cute, pastel design with adorably shaped accessories. (And tbh, who doesn’t want a heart-shaped headphone case?)

A product shot of Logitech's Aurora line, including a keyboard, mouse, headset, and cloudy wrist rest

Image: Logitech

Image: Logitech

Image: Logitech

A trio of Logitech G Aurora wireless headsets in a variety of customized colors

Image: Logitech

The full collection is available on the Logitech website, along with retailers all over the world. The headset starts at $229.99, with the Blue Yeti microphones starting at $129.99. Meanwhile, the mouse is $99.99 and the keyboards are $199.99 for the wireless version and $169.99 for the wired.

As for the accessories, the cable clip and cable bundle is $9.99; The cloud palm rest, ear pads and boom, and keyboard top plates are $19.99 each; the mouse pad is $29.99; and the heart carrying case costs $39.99.

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