Maximum Male Model Responds To Hit Row Performance On WWE SmackDown

Maximum Male Models are hating at the moment. Mansoor (currently stylizing his name mån.sôör) took to Twitter to chastise Hit Row for attacking him and his comrades in Maximum Male Models. Max Dupri, Mansoor and Mace (currently stylized ma.çé) were scheduled to address WWE fans on Friday’s “WWE SmackDown” but were interrupted and attacked by the Hit Row triumvirate, who made quick work of the group and then proceeded to debut a new song for the fans in Montreal.

“yoû want mÿ opinión on Hit Row?” Mansoor tweeted, “put ån “S” bêfore the H. thėn put ā ‘SUCKSASS’ aftęr the W.” For anyone behind on the word math, Mansoor spelled “Sh*t Row Sucks A**.”

Mansoor and Mace have been under Max Dupri as Maximum Male Models since July 1. The reinvention has seen the Saudi superstar and the former-Retribution member completely transformed under Dupri’s leadership, with fresh clothes, fresh hair, and the aforementioned stylizations of their names.

Originally released in November 2021, Hit Row’s B-Fab, Ashante Adonis, and AJ Francis returned to WWE earlier this month. to Francis, he’d been in constant contact with Triple H since their release, and the longtime believer in Hit Row was quick to bring Francis and company back once he assumed control of WWE Talent Relations. Triple H later ttook control of the company’s creative direction in the wake of Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis’ ousting from the company, amid investigations into a series of alleged hush money payments made to former employees.

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