Murray’s new deal requires 4 hours of ‘independent study’ per game week

The Arizona Cardinals are making sure Kyler Murray is doing his homework.

The star quarterback’s new five-year, $230.5-million extension requires Murray to complete “at least four hours of independent study each week” during the season over the deal’s length, according to an addendum in his contract obtained by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

The requirement runs from the first Monday after the end of training camp to the last game on the team’s schedule and includes any postseason contests. The club’s bye week is excluded.

“Independent study” is defined as material given to Murray by the team in order to prepare for the upcoming game, with time spent in mandatory meetings not counting.

Murray will also receive no credit for studying material on an electronic device if he’s not “personally studying or watching the material” while it’s displayed or if he engages in a distracting activity. The contract cites watching television, playing video games, and browsing the internet as examples of distracting activities.

Failing to meet the addendum will result in Murray being deemed in “default” of his contract.

Murray does four hours of studying on his own already, but the Cardinals wanted commitment in writing in order to complete the deal, Rapoport adds.

The 24-year-old’s extension ranks second among all quarterbacks in average annual value ($46.1 million) and guaranteed money ($160 million). The Cardinals and Murray, who’ll be under contract through 2028, opened negotiations earlier this year before agreeing to a deal last week.

Murray earned the first postseason appearance of his career in 2021 after throwing for 24 touchdowns and five interceptions over 14 starts.

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