Netflix Adds Another Two Mobile Games For Subscribers

The third addition to Netflix’s July slate of mobile games (and the second one released today) is “Before Your Eyes,” a first-person narrative-themed game published by Skybound Games. Based on the BAFTA Award-winning PC game of the same name, this one takes players on a journey of finding the souls of people that have lived remarkable lives, with the objective of ferrying them into the afterlife.

The most interesting aspect of the game is that it uses the phone’s camera to read the blinking of the player’s eyes and eyeball movement to control the in-game narrative. The blink-based game mechanic is unique, but there is also a deep story-driven emotional side to the title that won’t acclaim when the PC version was released last year.

Netflix is ​​promising a similar experience with the mobile version of “Before Your Eyes,” even though the platform itself is no stranger to interactive TV shows. The streaming giant says it will have over 50 titles by the end of this year. Netflix is ​​currently developing games based on more hot properties like “Queen’s Gambit,” an RPG based on “Shadow and Bone,” and a heist game called “La Casa de Papel” based on the smash hit “Money Heist.” Additionally, indie darlings like “Spiritfarer” and “Raji: An Ancient Epic” are also getting a mobile adaptation for Netflix users.

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