Official ZenFone 9 Wallpapers Are Now Up For Grabs

ASUS had already announced its new flagship, the ZenFone 9. The device got high praise from one of my colleagues, in our official review, as it’s a true compact powerhouse. Having said that, you can now grab the ZenFone 9 wallpapers, if you want.

You can now download the official ZenFone 9 wallpapers

These are official wallpapers, of course. There are 19 wallpapers available in total, and 14 of them are static. The remaining five are, of course, live wallpapers. Do note that 6 wallpapers are designed especially for the ZenFone 9, in the sense that they have the ZenFone 9 characteristics, such as the number, etc.

Another thing to note is that all of these wallpapers are abstract, kind of. In the gallery below, you’ll be able to see 6 of them, 6 static wallpapers. These have been compressed, so you’ll have to tap the download link below the article in order to get all wallpapers, in their original size.

All of these wallpapers are, originally, in 2400 x 2400 resolution. They come in JPG formats, while the live wallpapers are in MP4 format. Once you download them, you’ll get a RAR format file, of course. You’ll need to unzip it.

Live wallpapers are also a part of the package

In case you’re wondering about live wallpapers, one of them is shown below the article. XDA Developers, who shared these wallpapers in the first place, uploaded that wallpaper to YouTube. That video is embedded below.

The ZenFone 9 doesn’t really have much competition in its category. It is a 5.9-inch flagship, with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, Android 12, 30W charging, powerful stereo speakers, an audio jack, and much more.

Pretty much every Android flagship these days is quite large, and nowhere near the size of the ZenFone 9. The most direct competitor is its predecessor, the ZenFone 8, or the mid-range Pixel 6a, even though that phone is also larger.

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