Oura Ring Gen 3 update finally brings SpO2 monitoring

What you need to know

  • The Oura Ring Gen 3 receives an update that brings in its SpO2 measurement feature.
  • The update brings not only blood oxygen information but also breathing regularity data, too.
  • This new feature will be toggled on by default, but users can turn it off if they choose.

The Oura Ring Gen 3, which missed a few crucial features at launch, is finally getting its long-awaited SpO2 measurement update.

Oura’s smart ring is unique in its design but functions much like some of the other best fitness trackers. The many owners of this smart ring, including Android Central’s Derrek Lee, will tell you that the Oura Ring Gen 3 was missing some important tracking elements when it was first released. Oura has continuously brought in some of those missing features, and its SpO2 measurement is one of the latest.

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