PlayStation VR2 to Support Native Broadcasting/Livestreaming

After unveiling the PlayStation VR2 headset back in June, Sony PlayStation has now offered fans a better look at some of its features. In a new blog post offering a closer look at some of the PS VR2’s features, Sony revealed that the upcoming headset will allow players to broadcast and livestream through the PlayStation 5’s camera, meaning you’ll be able to show your Twitch viewers your physical actions and reactions on top of the in-game footage without having to set up another streaming PC.

As you’d expect from modern VR headsets, the new device will also provide a see-through view through the headset’s front cameras, giving you a view of your surroundings without having to take it off. Working with this feature is a customizable play area that you can set and change after the PS VR2 scans your room for any walls and obstacles, making sure you’re at a safe distance from hitting anything while enjoying your games. While the display will run at a 4K resolution during your games, Sony has also added a Cinematic Mode that dials it down to 1080p but with full HDR support and a frame rate of 120Hz, keeping your movies fluid, vibrant and crisp.

There’s currently no release date just yet for the PS VR2, so those interested should stay tuned for more updates to come.

Elsewhere in the VR industry, Meta will soon be raising the price of its Quest 2 headset by $100 USD.

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