Royal City visit from comedy king Adam Sandler

Uncut Gems Actor Adam Sandler was spotted at Guelph’s Milestones restaurant on Sunday and Monday.

Milestones manager, Brad Clarke, confirmed on his Instagram page Sandler had dined at the restaurant two nights in row.

Milestones posted on its Facebook page a selfie with the star. “It was an honor to serve him!” commented Milestones server, Jessica Currie.

Siblings Andrew and Abby Piluk drove to the Stone Road restaurant Monday evening just in time as Sandler was leaving the restaurant.

The siblings are fans of Sandler and both said Happy Gilmore is one of their favorite movies of his.

They shared a fist bump with him and took a photo.

“He was just a really nice guy. You know he was open to talking to everybody. He seems like he was having a good time just like everyone else,” said Andrew.

“He’s just an iconic actor. Seeing a guy that’s been in some huge movies and a guy that makes everyone laugh. It’s insane he was in Guelph,” he said.

He said Sandler is very nice and has a positive energy.

β€œHe was more than happy to take photos with everyone that asked him too. He’s a very nice man,” said Abby.

As Sandler drove off, he rolled down the window to thank them and wish them a great night.

Sandler is shooting a Netflix movie called You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah! at the Elora Quarry, according to CTV Kitchener.

Fans were showing their excitement on social media over the news Sandler is in Guelph.

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