Ryan Reynolds Makes Steve-O Eat Carolina Reapers

Considering Steve-O is a professional Jackass And Ryan Reynolds often plays one in Marvel films, the fact that the pair have finally teamed up on a project seems like a no-brainer. The project in question is the “MNTN Television Software Demo Stunt,” in which the stuntman attempts to film a hot sauce commercial for the actor’s adtech agency right after consuming the ultra-hot Carolina Reaper pepper.

The hot sauce Steve-O is advertising is, of course, his own famed Hot Sauce for Your Butthole, but Reynolds is adamant on making his business ventures the focus of the stunt: “Today, we’ll learn why MNTN is the hardest-working software in television by demonstrating how big and small brands are using it to transform their marketing,” Reynolds says. “Of course, that sounds like it could be pretty boring, so I thought: What if someone ate a Carolina Reaper right before doing the demo?” Considering the Red Notice star has been the driving force of viral commercials for Peloton, Mint Mobile, Match, and more, he’s definitely the ad expert here.

“I thought I was here to promote my small business using MNTN’s platform?” Steve-O chimes in. “Oh, you are,” Reynolds assures him. “But we’d also like to see you eat the peppers.”

Steve-O proceeds to consume “the hottest thing you can legally put in your mouth” like a champ. After a few stifled coughs and gags, he then proceeds to read some frankly tedious lines about advertising and marketing analytics — though he only makes it a few minutes before having to gargle some milk in a futile pursuit for mercy.

Once the star of the commercial taps out, Reynolds swoops in to complete the ad-read. “MNTN makes literally everything about running an ad on TV simpler and more effective,” he says. “But it does absolutely nothing for the burning hot fucking sun in his mouth.” Watch Steve-O and Reynolds in the spicy clip below.

You can watch Steve-O — a self-admitted “bad influence” on children — put even grosser things in his mouth in the new Jackass 4.5, a compilation of stunts and behind-the-scenes clips that didn’t make it into Jackass Forever. Meanwhile, Reynolds will appear in Welcome to Wrexhamthe upcoming FX docuseries about how he and Rob McElhenney purchased a Welsh soccer team.

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