Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Images Offer The Best View Of Samsung’s Next Wearable

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Watch 5 on August 10, and a series of images published by 91mobiles offer the best preview of the watch’s design yet.

The images are the typical renders you’ll see on an online retailer’s website, showing off the Watch 5 series from all angles.

They are most useful as a way to decide whether you would be more interested in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the two key models Samsung is likely to introduce in just under two weeks.

The base Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a slighter appearance, the Pro version more a severe metal rim around the display.

These pics also suggest the black Galaxy Watch 5 will have more of a sporty leaning, although all members of this family are likely to have similar core features.

There is also no sign of a rotating bezel in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which has been a defining feature of this series since the beginning. It suggests the watch may have a redesigned version of Samsung’s watch UI, which was still partially constructed around the rotary bezel controller in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Without a rotating crown to replace it, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have to rely on touchscreen control unless the screen surround acts as a capacitive touch surface to allow for gesture controls without moving parts.

The images also show off the watch’s colours: lilac, cream and dark gray for the Galaxy Watch 5, black and gray, or perhaps sage green, for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung also uses a different strap style for the two models. The base Galaxy Watch 5 has a classic watch strap, the Pro a clasp.

However, these images don’t tell the full story. Samsung is expected to launch both 40mm and 44m versions of the standard Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will likely have a 46mm watch face.

My presumption is we’re looking at the 46mm and 44mm versions here, the 40mm models out of the leaving the picture.


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