Shakira to go on trial for fraud after rejecting Barcelona prosecutor’s plea deal

Shakira‘s problems continue as there has now been confirmation that she will have to go to court in Barcelona to face trial on charges of tax fraud.

The 45-year-old artist has rejected the offer from the Barcelona prosecutor’s office and is confident that she will be found not guilty.

The Colombian artist was accused of four offences against the tax authorities, in which she allegedly defrauded 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, years in which she supposedly tried to make the authorities believe that she did not live in Spain.

Shakira convinced she is innocent

Since the facts became known, Shakira‘s legal team have been in contact with the Prosecutor’s Office, trying to reach an agreement so that the penalty would not be so severe.

However, despite intense negotiations, the parties did not reach an understanding and the singer’s lawyers announced their decision to reject the offer and, therefore, to go to trial.

In a statement from the team representing Gerard Pique‘s ex-partner, the lawyers reveal that, at this time, Shakira wishes to “leave the matter in the hands of the law, with the peace of mind and confidence that justice will prove her right”.

Uncertainty until the last moment

In spite of everything, until the day of the trial itself, the two parties could continue with their attempt to reach an agreement and thus avoid the image of Shakira sitting in the dock.

Her legal representatives recalled that, although the prosecution always opted for a middle way, the singer is very sure of her innocence and, therefore, it was never her will to accept a deal.

Although Shakira will have to go to trial, the singer has already paid 17.2 million euros to the tax office in fines and interest.

That is why, in the words of her lawyers, “there has been no outstanding debt with the tax authorities for many years”.

Shakira accuses the Tax Agency

The legal team also recalls that the Treasury “spends millions” on litigation of this type and loses half.

They maintain that Shakira is upset with the “persecution” she has suffered from the authority, which she accuseds of using its machinery to suffocate her through such obvious “media pressure”.


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