Sunwing flights from Winnipeg to Los Cabos being canceled in February

Winnipeggers won’t be able to travel directly to Los Cabos, Mexico, starting in February.

In an email obtained by CTV News Winnipeg from viewer Chris Los, Sunwing says flights will be canceled starting next month due to “unanticipated business or operational constraints.”

“Sunwing Vacations has canceled WG493 Winnipeg to Los Cabos operating on Thursdays as of February 2, 2023, up to and including April 6, 2023,” the email said.

The email from Sunwing also noted flight WG494, which flies from Los Cabos to Winnipeg will be canceled starting Feb. 9 up to and including April 13.

Los was scheduled to travel to Los Cabos from Feb. 16 to March 2.

The company apologized for the change and offered another travel option – Winnipeg to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Gabor Lukacs, the president of Air Passenger Rights, said Sunwing can’t just cancel a vacation.

That’s called a breach of contract. It can cancel an individual flight, in which case, it has to rebook passengers on other flights. If it cannot rebook passengers on their own flights, it has to rebook passengers on flights of competitors and other airlines. said Lukacs.

He said these decisions are creating harm for the passengers who are booked with their airline.

“They purchased services from Sunwing months and months ahead. Sunwing had their money all those times and they did not purchase vacations or flights from other airlines at a time when it was cheaper. We have to remember tickets have a time value. The price of A ticket six months before the flight is not the same as the price of a ticket three days or one day before the flight.So this passenger is getting shortchanged.”

CTV News Winnipeg has reached out to Sunwing for more details.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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