The PlayStation VR 2 mentioned in the latest firmware update: is the release approaching?

Sony Interactive Entertainment has done a lot of work on the front of the scenes these days. In a matter of hours, it was slated to release a Beta Firmware for PS5 and a new official Firmware update for PS5.

The more substantial of these two is, with no doubt, the first, the Beta one, since it has introduced some pretty important (and required) stuff like support for the 1440p output, new social features, a simplified access to the Activities menu, and a new tool for comparing Stereo Audio and 3D audio. It isn’t surprising to know a single novelty: a clear reference to PS4 VR2 appeared in the Accessories menu. To be honest, this news is not completely based on a virtual reality viewer for PS5. It’s clearly mentioned in the Controller tab, so see The Modification Toolkit. To be honest, the diagram also says: You can choose Bluetooth and USB for your computer’s main purpose. For the DualShock 4 controller (CUH-ZCT1 series) or PS VR2 Sense controllers Bluetooth will be used anytime.

Xbox 5 is the first time that PlayStation VR2 has been considered. Even though we are talking about Beta Firmware, it appears that the announcement of the launch date will be so close as the last days rumor has always captivated me.

Beta Firmware will be tested in the US, Canada, Japan, Britain, Germany, and France. The feature will come in the public space in the upcoming weeks. The latest PS5 Official Firmware was made up of the original standard but only increased the stability of the system.

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