Twitter in preparation for a new feature: can share photos, videos and GIFs in a single tweet

Twitter is growing day by day. Soon it will compete with other social media apps including Facebook Insta. We say this because you will soon be able to share photos, videos and GIF images on Twitter like other social media apps. According to a report, Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to post photos, videos and GIFs in a single tweet. How this feature will work, let’s know everything in detail…

Can post three formats in one tweet
Twitter is working on a new feature that allows users to post three different formats like photos, videos, and GIFs in a single tweet. The company is now starting the testing of this feature and after some time we can expect it to be available for everyone.

Leaked feature look
Although Twitter hasn’t officially revealed what the feature will look like, some leakers have already shared what it will look like before posting the tweet. Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot that shows what the feature will look like. In a tweet, he attached a photo, video, and GIF together.

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The company said
Twitter said in a statement: “We are testing a new feature for a limited time with selected accounts that will allow people to combine up to four media assets into a single tweet, regardless of format. We are reviewing that people have more visual conversations on Twitter and use photos, GIFs and videos to make those conversations more exciting. With this test, we hope to find out if people are using 280 characters on Twitter. How can I express myself more creatively at through these different media formats?

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Twitter is also testing the status sharing feature
Additionally, the company was also recently seen testing a status sharing feature that allows hashtags to share your status on the platform. With this feature, you will get hashtags which you can post to show your status. This would include hashtags like “vacation mode”, “live the dream”, “travel”, etc. Twitter has yet to reveal when this feature will go public.

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