Vince McMahon Reportedly Had To Be ‘Filtered’ During Creative Meetings

With Vince McMahon’s exit from WWE, more details are coming out about what he was like backstage and a new report says he needed to be “filtered” by creative team assistants during meetings. Fightful Select reports that people within the creative process in WWE are being more forthcoming with what it was like to work there under McMahon and several people have said that many of the assistants to the writers needed to essentially fliter McMahon in particular ways.

Those ways included having to know what to not write for McMcMahon while taking notes, as he would say things that would appear insensitive/offensive, constantly refer to people with the wrong names, or use terms that weren’t that weren’t acceptable and that he would never allow to be said on television. It was said that the minutes were edited quite heavily as well, and that both situations had mostly been the case for a long time.

One former production employe was quoted as saying, “If a live feed of Vince McMahon on a headset any given night ever made it out, that it would provide a picture of that production experience, especially for the ers. There were plenty of times he was in a good mood, but he would blow up at the most ridiculous things and act like they ruined an angle that was far past its expiration date anyway.”

One person said that in terms of the creative process, the biggest change they expected under Triple H said, “Recall of what we have and haven’t done repeatedly. There were so many things that Vince insisted on doing that I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember doing over and over again, even when people would tell him.”

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