Wade Simmons Announces Godfather’s Garage Chain Lubes & Grease

PRESS RELEASE: Godfather’s Garage

It all started in the garage – even for the Godfather.

Wade poured his life into mountain biking, and he’s taken his experience and knowledge from his time as a professional freerider to develop a series of products for riders everywhere.

Wade’s influence on the mountain biking community is onto its next chapter; Godfather’s Garage.

A line of high-performance products to give riders what they need to keep their bikes running smoothly in all conditions. When you combine Wade’s 35 years on two wheels with his unwavering passion for the sport, you can bet a quality product is born.

Whether it’s splashing down trails or diving in on dusty chutes, all-day pedals or releaselessly pounding shuttle laps, bikes take a beating. Godfather’s Garage has what you need to keep your steed running smooth and the whole quiver in tiptop shape.

Godfather’s Garage offers three different chain lubes, the standard wet and dry lubes, a lube specifically designed to meet the rigorous needs of an e-bike, and an all-purpose grease to cover most of your cycling lubrication needs. All of our products have been thoroughly tested on the North Shore through the thick dry dust of the summer and the relentlessly wet, dank days of winter.

And, it’s made right here in Canada to boot.

Dry Lube

A thick coating of dust on your drivetrain can cause pre-mature wear and a crunchy-feeling cadence. Godfather’s Garage DRY Lubricant is a specifically formulated, long-lasting lubricant designed to keep your drivetrain clean by repelling airborne dust rather than attracting them. It’s less viscous than our Wet Chain Lube, but remains tenacious enough to grip your links through the dog days of summer.

• Designed for dry, dusty conditions
• Low viscosity and dry feeling to touch
• Specifically formulated to repel contaminants
• Sustainably sourced natural base oils

Wet Lube

Godfather’s Garage WET lubricant is what you need for the nastiest of days. Vancouver’s North Shore sees over 2300mm of rain annually, which means that our WET lubricant has been extensively tested in harsh environments on some of the most demanding terrain in the world. The skies open up for nearly half of the year in these parts, mixing in grit and grime to every ride.

• Designed for nasty, wet weather riding
• High viscosity that helps protect your chain against water, crud, and mud
• Scientifically advanced additives bond deep into the metal surfaces of the chain, which helps to prevent corrosion.
• Sustainably sourced natural base oils

Godfather s Garage High in viscosity to help protect your chain against water crud and mud Scientifically advanced additives bond deep into the metal surfaces of the chain which help to prevent corrosion.  Designed for nasty wet weather riding Sustainably sourced natural base oils Made in Canada

E-Bike Lube

E-bikes can be incredibly demanding on their drivetrains, which is why we created a dedicated chain lubricant just for them. High torque, long rides, and often running at a higher cadence that a traditional mountain bike, we knew we needed something special. The Godfather’s Garage E-BIKE lubricant coats the chain to help keep things running smoothly through those power moves, sustained climbs, and “one more lap” moments.

• Our most viscous chain lube is meant to penetrate and protect your chain against the demands of both e-bike drive systems and harsh riding environments
• Highest tenacity of any of our chain lubes
• Designed for high torque e-bike systems
• Great protection against the contaminants in all weather conditions

All-purpose Grease

Godfather’s Grease is specifically formulated to handle the rigorous demands of North Shore riding. This high-performance, multipurpose grease is perfect for bolts, bearings, threads, hubs, cables etc.

• Lithium Complex grease
• Protects against oxidation and corrosion
• Made in Canada, tested on Vancouver’s North Shore

Godfather's Garage Grease

Alongside some of the best, Godfather’s Garage is also a part of 1% for the Planet, a network of businesses that have dedicated a portion of their gross profits to combat pressing environmental issues.

Wade has always had a simple motto when freeriding; “Send it”, not much has changed for Godfather’s Garage – Lube it, Send it.

Currently, Godfather’s Garage products are only available in Canada, but with hopes to be in shops across the US shortly. For more information on the Godfather’s Garage line of lubrication products and to find your nearest dealer, visit godfathersgarage.com


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